Sage Timeslips provides billing, time and expense tracking designed for professional services businesses. Software, product updates, and premium support are included in one annual subscription fee.

The Following Procedure is true for upgrading to a newer version of Sage Timeslips (2008 and newer):

1) Back Up the exisiting Timeslips database.

2) Copy the whole database folder from old computer to new computer (if Timeslips is installed at say C:\Program Files\Timeslips then put the data a level below that) in case you are migrating to a new computer.

3)Open the new Version of Sage Timeslips on your computer( or new computer) and a menu will open, click on the option to open and exisiting database.

4) Select and open your database. You should get a message about having to convert it and needing to make a backup first. Once the backup is done, it should convert and you can open it in the new Timeslips version.



upgrade to Timeslips Database