We offer cabling and network services for large homes, buildings, small and big offices, we will simplify and make your wireless coverage better while reducing your costs by setting the proper network equipment.

When you need all your computers to communicate with each other, share information, and work as a group in the network, all while making sure that the network security is at its best and no one from outside can access or damage your company files, you can call us for an estimate of how we can improve your current networking set up in your office. There is many network needs for a small to medium office, ranging from an Office Workgroup share, to a more advanced Cloud service or Server set up.

Office Wireless Network Set Up, Configuration and RepairA good Wireless Installation will be useful for your home Smart TV, Wireless Smart TV, Apple TV, Laptop Computers and wireless desktops.

Wireless Repeater Installation
Wireless Access Points
Point of Access
Gigabite Switch
Wireless Routers
Network Spanders

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