Owls Computers offers complete solutions for Ethernet LAN deployments, data and voice structured wiring / cabling systems!

Network Cable Installation Service San Diego

Do you need to run a network cable, cat5 or cat6 cable to expand your network connectivity or connect TV or other devices on a far end corner of your house or office?

We have many years as Network Administrators and can plan or design a better network structure which can get you from your poorly patched together current network to a more productive and secure environment.

Deploying and Ethernet LAN, with all your network devices hardwired to a main Router or switched has many advantages over deploying a Wireless LAN, but it’s important to choose the right type of cables and also the equipment that is going to be used as switches and network hubs. When you start planning on running network cables or need professional advise for a Network Cable Installation job in San Diego send us an email and we will give you a free estimate online or after a job walk.

Cabling services:
network cable installation service

  • Copper and Fiber Network Design and Installation: Cat 3, 5e, 6!
  • Cable & Wire Installations for Phone Systems, Security Systems, Alarm Systems, etc.
  • Coaxial Cable Installation
  • Network Cable Testing and Certification
  • Cabling Maintenance and Documentation
  • System Re-Location

Facilities design and installation:
network cable installation service

  • Telephone, Computer, Fiber Optic and Television Cabling Infrastructure
  • Server Room
  • Cable Tray, and Equipment Rack Installation
  • Aerial & Underground Cabling
  • Telecommunication Closet “Cleanup”
  • Building and Campus Backbone “Cleanup”
  • Documentation and Testing

Some information that is important when you decide to start your network cable installation is how far are the two points where you are going to connect both ends of the cable, because some types of network cables support larger distances than others, you may also need to call your ISP or Internet Provider to find out what is your Internet Bandwidth before you purchase the cable since not all cables support the same speed.

We use the highest quality cables, hardware, and the latest networking technologies, so that your wiring system is expandable, manageable, and organized.

Owls Computers offers Network IT Support for home and business, call today for a free quote on any Network Cable Installation Service in San Diego