Best Cloud Solutions for Business.

cloud storageIrrespective of how closely affiliated you are with the IT world, you must have heard mentions of “the cloud” every so often. If you manage a business, either small or big, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with this term. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

What is the cloud?

No, not the fluffy white things in the sky which burst and it rains. The technological cloud. A very simple to understand definition is “The cloud is a collection of interconnected IT services and infrastructures which are accessible via a network.” So basically, the cloud is when you store data on the web so that it can be accessed via the network from anyone who is allowed. You can also host applications on the web.

Storing data on the cloud

I’m sure that everyone has at one point or another used Google Drive, or OneDrive, or Dropbox. These are all cloud services which give you a certain amount of storage space on the cloud, in which you can store your data. That means no need to get expensive hard drives to save your data in. Storing data in the cloud is also very practical because there’s no fear of the data getting corrupted or lost.

When we say that data is stored on the cloud, it doesn’t actually get stored on the internet, or somewhere in the air of course. Basically, all the information in the cloud is stored in data centers, which consist of a huge amount of large servers. The world’s major data centers are primarily in the US and Europe.


Processing and Managing data on the cloud

Storing data on the cloud presents a lot of conveniences. For instance, sharing data on the cloud is very easy. You basically upload any file on the cloud, and you share it with whoever you want. Additionally, you can also carry out collaborated work on the cloud; a very popular example of this is Google Docs. So for example, you upload a Word document on Google Docs, invite people to collaborate and they can all view and edit the document. This is a lot more convenient than having to download and email the document to everyone else every time someone makes some change in it!

Google Docs is also a perfect example of hosting applications on the web, another neat feature provided to us by cloud computing. Hosting applications on the web basically mean just that: applications are available on the web; all you have to do is load your browser and go for the right URL. This means that you don’t have to actually install the application on your computer or smartphone. This is a big convenience in terms of both storage and processing power.

Best Cloud solutions for business

cloud filesBased on all the above-mentioned information, one would have made the logical conclusion that cloud solutions can prove to be extremely vital for businesses these days. With respect to that, here are some prominent cloud solutions for business:

  • Dropbox Business
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • SugarSync Business.