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 Do you have an issue with your laptop, netbook, or tablet computer? Our San Diego laptop repair technicians can repair all brands, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Apple Mac, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, and Panasonic. We have or can get any part using our vast partner network.  We understand that good value is important in a laptop repair; after our laptop diagnosis, we always give you an exact estimate before you approve any repairs.
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When a laptop gets damaged due to some kind of hardware or software issue, it can be a headache to find the source of the problem. Furthermore, getting your laptop fixed from a common Laptop Repair service provider can result in an extravagant amount of expenditure. Owls Computers is a Laptop Repair service center. We can repair all kinds of laptop issues, including anything from Laptop Jack Repair, part replacements to fixes for complete breakdowns. We cater for all kinds of brands and deliver a high quality service, at an affordable price. No Laptop Computer Repair issue is too big for us to resolve. Our technicians only use authorized spare parts from respective brands to repair your laptop. Furthermore, we deliver all kinds of associated services such as Laptop Tune-up and Laptop Data Recovery. Below is the most frequent services in the area.

  • Laptop Screen Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Operating System Repair for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (all versions)
  • Laptop Operating System Upgrade, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Hard Drive Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Boot Repair
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Liquid Spill Repair
  • Laptop Tune-up, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Virus Removal, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Security Optimization
  • Laptop Touch Pad Repair
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Heat Sink Repair
  • Laptop Heat Sink Replacement, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Processor Repair
  • Laptop CD/DVD Repair
  • Laptop CD/DVD Replacement
  • Laptop RAM Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop RAM Replacement
  • Laptop RAM Upgrade
  • Laptop Speaker Repair
  • Laptop Speaker Replacement
  • Laptop Wi-Fi Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Bluetooth Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Fan Repair
  • Laptop Fan Replacement
  • Laptop Data Recovery, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Data Repair
  • Laptop Jack Repair
  • Laptop Heat up Fixes, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Battery Repair, Downtown San Diego
  • Laptop Battery Replacement, Downtown San Diego

Our laptop screen repair san diego service is our most popular offering because of the common incidents that take place, such as dropping it or stepping on the glass. We can troubleshoot and fix your laptop quickly and professionally!

Some of the most common problems we have performed over the years include:

Downtown San Diego Laptop Repair And LCD screen replacement:

  • LCD Screen Replacement (if the LCD screen is dim or cracked, it needs to be replaced)
  • LCD is dim (this typically indicates a problem with the light bulb, inverter board, cable or motherboard)
  • LCD shows blank or incorrect color
  • LCD does not show an image unless you connect it to an external monitor
  • LCD produces flicking, horizontal or vertical lines across the screen
  • Require a laptop LCD screen repair? Call today!

A note about laptop liquid spill repair:  If you spilled fluids of any kind into your laptop (water, soda, wine, coffee, etc) , please avoid further damage: do not turn the laptop power on or try to remove any laptop parts. If you turn it on, you could create a short that permanently damages the system board!   Leave it off, and even better, remove the battery.  We can do a proper diagnosis and attempt to repair the system by hand.  Laptop repair san diego customers take note: we have a great track record with this!

Laptop Motherboard Repair :

  • Laptop DC Power Jack Repair (may be related to the AC/DC jack, power connector, and plug being burned, broken or loose). It is the most common problem. Do not try to do it on your own or have someone without enough experiences work on it. When we repair it, we will reinforce it. We include a free jack replacement (note: some of the power jacks are difficult to find but we always can get them!).
  • Does not power up? or there is power but no boot up?
  • Has no video, although there is power
  • System hangs up or shuts down by itself?
  • Laptop has been dropped, machine quits working

Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Keyboard has missing or stuck keys? We have many keys for various models available.  Plus we can offer full keyboards for most laptops.

Hardware upgrades and operating system:

  • Memory (DDR/DDR2/DDR3)
  • Hard drive internal storage (IDE/ATA, SATA, SSD – try 320GB!)
  • Optical drive replacement and upgrade (CD/RW, DVD+- R/RW, Blu Ray)
  • Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux (all versions)
  • Require a hardware or operating system upgrade? Contact us today!

Laptop Repair And Data Recovery Services

Loss of laptop data can occur due to a number of reasons, including a fresh operating system installation, a virus infection, and  accidental deletion (e.g. by a system cleaner or file shredder). Laptop data is perhaps the most important form of data for any home or enterprise user. If you have accidentally deleted your laptop data, shredded important files or have suffered from a virus infection that made your data inaccessible, contact Owls team. We provide the best and most cost effective Laptop Data Recovery service in USA. We can recover your lost data from the most damaged and infected hard drives.

Laptop Repair Walk-In Services:

We have been confidently performing fast.  We have catered for thousands of customers and offer a comprehensive service for all walk-in customers. You can walk-in with your broken laptop and get it fixed at our Laptop Repair center at an affordable price.

Laptop Models

  • Dell Laptop Repair
  • HP laptop Repair
  • Acer Laptop Repair
  • Alienware Laptop Repair
  • Apple Laptop Repair
  • ASUS Laptop Repair
  • Compaq Laptop Repair
  • Gateway Laptop Repair
  • IBM Laptop Repair
  • Lenovo Laptop Repair
  • Panasonic Laptop Repair
  • Sager Laptop Repair
  • Samsung Laptop Repair
  • Sony Laptop Repair
  • Toshiba Laptop Repair
  • Vizio Laptop Repair

 We offer both in-store, on-site and nation-wide mail-in service. If you wish to speak with a technician and get a quote or discuss your situation in detail, we would be more than grateful to receive your call! Read our testimonials, or contact us today!

You can rely on us for all your IT needs. We are glad to be your local Downtown San Diego Computer Repair and Web Design store.