Computer Tune-ups

san diego computer repair

Tuning up your computer is very important and it’s a task that must be done regularly. A computer clean up will most likely speed your computer wether it’s new or old by doing the following:

  1. Delete old or corrupted files in your computer
  2. Clear browser cache
  3. Clean up the computer registry
  4. Defragment the hard drive
  5. Check the hard drive for errors and repair them
  6. Clean up the computer from Malware and Virus


A computer tune up is basically going to make the hardware and software work better together and improve the overall performance of your computer making it operate at a faster speed. Many users also neglect to update their operating system or the computer drivers which is a major cause for slowness and computer crashes. Our computer repair services will address all of these issues when we complete a full Tune Up. A computer tuneup can be performed remotely or on site, call us today to make an appointment 619-800-3167

san diego computer repairComputer Virus Removal

We have plenty of free and paid security softwares we can recommend. Even a quick phone call to Owls Computers will be helpful when it comes to computer security.

Antivirus software can be installed onsite or remotely. It’s important to understand the different features of different security programs and how they protect your computer. Some common to look for when selecting an antivirus software are:

  1. Automatic Virus Protection
  2. Anti Malware
  3. Firewall
  4. Secure Banking Protection

We recommend the use of Eset Nod32 or Eset Smart Security, they can be downloaded here, Eset is our prefered antivirus software because it’s very reliable, it has a small footprint which means it won’t slow down your computer since it doesn’t use as many CPU and RAM resources as Norton or other competitors. 

Malware is also a kind of virus which is typically known by exploiting your browser vulnerabilities and adding unnecessary ads and pup ups to your browser. Most common malware can be removed with a free Malware Removal Software called Malwarebytes.

Call Owls Computers at 619-800-3167 for help with cleaning up your computer from virus and malware.

Software Installations & Troubleshooting

Many businesses and even home users depend heavily on the use of certain programs to perform their daily computer tasks and be productive. We can help you install the software you need and/or repair a software that is not functioning correctly. The most common software installations and troubleshooting we do are related to drivers compatibility issues between certain programs and Windows 7 and Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Here are some examples of software issues we can help you repair:

  1. Printer driver installation
  2. Microsoft Office installation
  3. Graphics cards drivers
  4. Camera and Video drivers
  5. Email setup
  6. Operating System re-installation: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

Sometimes it’s essential for a business to have their programs up and running all the time and there is no margin for down time. When you call us for help with your Computer Repair we are right on time and show professionalism and knowledge.  Some other examples of software issues we can help with are:  USB drives, internet sharing, display drivers, editing software, music playing codecs, audio editing and recording, communication software and file transfers.

Operating System Upgrades

New computer operating systems become available rapidly. Some production software is also updated at a fast speed and is only available for the latest versions of a computer operating system. We have encountered many different scenarios in which our users need our help upgrading to a new operating system like for example:

  1. Speed up a computer
  2. Start fresh after a computer has been infected with a virus
  3. Install the latest software that can only run on a later version of the operating system
  4. Set up a new custom built computer
  5. Install a new hard drive
  6. Get the security features that new versions of the operating system can provide

All San Diego computer repair companies are experts at helping with this kind of situation. Owls Computers goes beyond and makes sure that after we perform an operating system upgrade you have all the drivers and software that you need ready for use.

Wether you are a Mac computer or Windows user,  call us if you need to re install or upgrade your operating system, 619-800-3167

Hardware Repairs 

The latest technology advance has made it possible that computers, tablets and phones are every time for compact, thin and light. Unfortunately this makes almost impossible to do certain kind of repairs which is particularly true for devices like the latest Macbook Pro retina display which has most of it’s components soldered or glued together.

However Owls Computers offers a large number of repair services like Screen replacement, hard drive replacement, ram memory upgrade and replacement, videos card, wireless cards repairs. Call us today to find out wether we work on your specific device and review your hardware repair options.


Remote Computer Support

We offer remote computer repair sessions using the free software TeamViewer. We require that you download and Install TeamViewer previous to initiating a remote repair sessions. Call us or email for more details on how to properly setup the remote login software.


You can rely on us for all your IT needs. We are glad to be your local Downtown San Diego Computer Repair and Web Design store.