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How to bring your website to the first page on Google Natural Search Results? Content! - Computer Support for Businesses in San Diego

How to bring your website to the first page on Google Natural Search Results? Content!

Marketing Plan for Attorney Firms

How to bring your website to the first page on Google Natural Search Results? Content!

How to bring your website to the first page on Google Natural Search Results? Content!
Content can really make the difference between a successful site and one people don’t bother take a second glance at, it takes less than a second for the visitor to decide if your page has the product/ information they are browsing for,  and they will not waste any longer time and keep browsing, this alone makes a very powerful reason why we should work on our website’s content, the look and feel of our website has to be something that attracts and makes the visitor go in a little bit farther and explorer what you got, even if it wasn’t exactly what they were after.optimized-content-marketing
Google’s search engine algorithms constantly improve and updates the ways they rank websites and favor their scalability, and they consider High quality content a must. A frequent update of internal or external content related to your industry/business is a very good sign for Google and other Search Engines to know if your business is active and is offering  goods or services and if it is relevant to the public and therefore if they should redirect new visitors to your site.
What is content?
Web Content includes images, videos, text, animations, sounds, it comprehends everything the user is going to see, hear, read and interact with, when using a web page.
Take a pen and paper and write down what is the purpose of your business and how your website will help you reach your goals. Depending on the kind of business you are running you may only need and internet web page to allow customers to see that you are still in business, communicate with you or get some information they need like your phone number or email address.  In some cases you don’t need to attract new customers through your website but instead you use your site as a tool or internet store front and you don’t have to worry a lot about optimizing your content and ranking, but you still have to worry about the look and feel of your website so it represents your company accordingly.
Now you may be in a position like myself in which you depend partially or entirely on your website to gain new customers, make sales and be profitable, been found by new people means new potential customers and sales, and you are confident that your business offer more value to the customers than any other on your industry, that you could make millions of dollars and make millions of people happy if you just had the chance to be found by millions of customers, well that is exactly what we are going to achieve overtime if we can develop the content that can prove to the main Search Engines that we have trust worthy information, products and services and they should show it to their visitors.
How to write good quality content that will help you boost your website’s ranking?
Let’s envision our final product first and then we take steps towards developing it.
ü  Take note of what  makes your business different, why customers will come to you when they need for the service that you offer
ü  Research your competitors and write down what you find interesting and what they have that you consider indispensable
ü  Go to the nearest public library and read books or magazines related to the products and services you are offering so you are up to date and get ideas on articles that are relevant to the readers
ü  Do some local and country wide market research by collecting information from the internet and public library and write down anything that you find relevant about your target audience
ü  Google “computer repair stores in San Diego near North Park”, or any business related terms for your business, take your time going to through all the websites that show on the first couple of pages, look what keywords and met-tags they are using, what kind of content they have on their website, how often they update it, if they have reviews, and how active they are in other social media websites.
Build your website in a way that is easy to modify content and do changes whenever you need to. Consider developing a Content Management Website. Ex. Joomla.
ü  After you have researched all the available content that you will use to sell your services consider hiring a professional that can elaborate  content rich articles that will provide relevant information and rich in relevant keywords that will attract search engines
ü  Do not overload the pages with too much content, keep it easy to navigate and read
ü  Use only the necessary quantity of images or videos, make it pleasant to the eye
ü  Don’t use content elements that are not supported by all browsers
ü  Don’t use Content that will take a very long time downloading, consider not using very big pictures or videos, remember that others internet speeds might be the slowest one, and your website might take a long time loading for that customer so you may lose it
ü  Develop your site keeping in mind that group which has very low internet resources, like old computers or monitors, very low internet speeds, out of date browsers, and find a compromise so your site doesn’t look totally out of date/shape for those potential customers
ü  Don’t invent the wheel again, if you know of something that works, then use it, again, I find most useful information can be found with your competitors, look at their content and take note of what is making them successful, then reproduce your own version of it.
ü  Create a blog and post relevant content, make sure to maintain it, publish fresh information periodically
ü  Social Media sites work for some business, check out your competition and see if they are using it, encourage your customer to check-in, post reviews or Likes, these is an important way for Google to see how relevant your business is to others.
ü  Link building: Outbound links to other quality sites and inbound links and social shares from other respectable websites will help build a trust and credibility.
3-Fine Tune. Summary
Consider this work a work on progress almost all the time, keep revising it and improving it so you can get one step closer to your goal.
Weather you hire someone to do advertisement for you, maintain your website or you wear multiple hats and are in charge of those roles as well as being the business owner, keep a close eye on your audience and remember that if you want to stay in business in the long run you need to put some effort into building your brand and gaining customers loyalty, and that is also when having good content will come handy. Use tools likeGoogle Analytics, it gives you very useful reports on your website visitors which is an excellent way for free marketing research. Another good marketing option is GoogleAdwords, it offers Pay-per-Click Campaigns which can be expensive because it requires a rather large budget but they are also cost effective for many many businesses.