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Computer Setup: for work in an office environment. - Computer Support for Businesses in San Diego

Computer Setup: for work in an office environment.

set up a new computer

If you are starting a new business in this day and age chances are pretty good you are going to have at least one computer.  But more than likely you will have more than that and if you do, you are going to want to network them so they can work together.  To make it easy on yourself, you will definitely want to hire a professional unless you can afford to have your own IT guy on staff. We are going to describe some of the most common computer setup tasks which will get you up and running promptly.


Setting Up a small office Server

computer setupSetting up the initial computer is usually not much of a problem although if you know you are going to have a network right off the bat you should have your professional come in at the beginning.  Once the initial computer (called the server) is setup with the proper software and antivirus systems he will then connect the additional computers (called the clients) to the server so all the computers can share information.

New computers usually already have an operating system installed such as Windows, Mac OS X (for Macintosh), or Linux just to name a few.  With the advanced technologies like cell phone, laptops and tablets there are other systems being developed as well.  It is important to note that most hardware can accommodate any of these systems, however, it is the licensing rights of the different manufacturer that may prohibit use of their software in certain situations.


Choosing the right Operating System for you.

Speaking of operating systems, this is probably one of the most time consuming and more important parts of your computer setup, the operating system or OS is the main software on top of which you run all other programs and software, the most commonly used is Windows.

If you are reading this and you are already setup with Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can upgrade to the new Windows 10 (as of this writing) which was just introduced in July of this year.  For now, it is a free upgrade unless you need the pro version.  There are two main reasons for upgrading: 1.  It is free and 2. Microsoft is offering longer support.

Windows 10 is a great blend of the advancements of Windows 8 and the familiarity of Windows 7.  Is keeping Windows 7 Or Windows 8 a good option?  Although free and longer support, enhanced gaming, Apps, searches and security may sound good, Windows 7 and Windows 8 currently are just as strong.  Consult your professional to determine which is best for you and if upgrading to Windows 10 is worth the change.


Installing your favorite Browser to search the internet.

After you are up and running, you then have to choose a browser you will want to use.  This is the software that allows you to search the internet. You have a choice of Browsers like Google, Bing, Firefox and others.  Normally, once you choose a browser you will setup an email address within that particular browser.  You will want to setup an email address with certain perimeters such as where you want the emails stored, whether you want an automatic signature, whether you want a theme or image when you send an email, you definitely want a spam folder and so on.


Installing a Virus and Spyware Protection Software.

It’s very important to install an antivirus protection program when you are doing your computer setup, there is many choices, paid Antivirus software like Eset, Kaspersky, Notron and free ones like AVG, Avast, and Windows Security Essentials.

It used to be simple when there were only a couple on the market and many computer manufacturers included them when you purchased the equipment.  In the old days, it was either Norton or McAfee and they charged a nominal monthly or annual fee.  Today there are many free antiviruses available, but you will pay to upgrade them for a more secure service.

If you are in San Diego, we recommend setting up Eset Nod32 or Eset Smart Security because they are one of the leaders in computer security and also their main headquarters are located in downtown San Diego.


computer setupSetting Up a BackUp and Recovery Method.


The same goes for backup services.  Your server will crash; it is just a matter of when.  A good backup system is like a good insurance policy.  When computers only had a little storage you could back them up yourself on CD’s or flash drives.  This is no longer the case.  There are many companies out there from which you can choose for backup services where you can determine the schedule and what files you would like backed up.  After that, it is set it and forget it until you have a catastrophe.  Here is a quick tip: Do not have a crash and then decide to hire backup services.


Now that your computers are up and running, let’s configure them to work all together on the network.


Once your operating system is installed your computer must be configured to participate in a network which can include other devices including cell phones, other computers, tablets and printers.  This allows all the devices to share information and other resources which can include printers, folders, data and internet access connections.


In order to connect with a network, your computer will need a network interface card (NIC) which is a special card that allows any device to connect to the network.  Some cards come integrated into the motherboard and some come as an extra module.  Your IT person will be able to distinguish what you have.  In addition to the hardware, you will also have to configure the operating system you have chosen to be able to participate in the network.  For instance, every network device requires an IP address, a subnet mask and a default gateway.  This address identifies the device on the network.  We can configure the IP addresses manually or automatically.


  • network set upManually – By choosing to configure your network system manually you will have to go to each device and type in the required values. You need to be an administrator to do this and the IP address, called a “static IP address,” is permanently assigned to this device.
  • Dynamic – You can have your network setup so each device can be configured to receive an IP address dynamically.  This means it uses an assigned IP address while it is on but once it shuts down that IP address will be assigned to another device.


When setting up the IP address you also configure a computer name in English that other users will enter anytime they want to access your computer on the network.


Call Owls Computer Services today if you are ready to setup your office networking in San Diego or need help with your San Diego Office computers setup, we are here to help.  You will find us experienced, responsive and affordable.  We can offer support for any type of business and have attorneys, contractors, insurance companies and doctor’s offices as clients.  Do not take a chance with your system.  Let us be your “IT guy” while you do what you do best – build your business.