Is your organization IT team currently backing up the data and has a disaster recovery plan in place?


IT Disaster Recovery Solution San DiegoWe are currently living in a digital age. Every new business that appears on the map is built on this very trend, and all existing businesses – the ones that adapted to this trend in time and survived, anyway –have or are conforming to this change. At one point or another, everyone has to adapt to this new trend.

While the internet, digitizing information and records, and all else that the digital age introduces has made our lives much easier and introduced a lot of conveniences that we didn’t even know we needed, much of the same can be said about business too. However, it has introduced its fair share of the problem too. While there are many, we shall focus on one particularly crucial one for now: backing up your data.

If you are running a business of any kind, let us ask you: Do you backup your data? Do you have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan in case something goes awry?

Let us elaborate on and differentiate between these two concepts first. Having a backup solution means that you have all your data backed somewhere. So that if something breaks down or a virus enters your systems and wipes out all your data or some other incident takes place which leads to a loss of data, you have all your data backed up someplace safe, which you can just restore.

Normally, what most organizations do is that they backup all their data on a separate server, or in a backup database. While most people would believe that that is enough, that might not be necessarily true in all cases. Depending upon the kind of business you run, it could be more than just your data that may need recovering. In a case of an IT disaster, you might also need to restore your full working environment. This is more commonly known as IT Disaster Recovery.

IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions are vital for both personal use and businesses, and here’s a small example to illustrate why, for the latter. Imagine that due to some malfunction, Facebook’s servers go down for only an hour. Or worse, the same happens with Google. The whole world would go crazy.

IT Services for Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Plan.

There are services out there which cannot afford to be unavailable for even a short amount of time. The same principle is now found being applicable to most businesses, big or small.

IT Disaster Recovery Solution Plan San DiegoSo now we’re back to the question: do you have an IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Plan in place? Loss of data can lead to huge damages could even break a company. If you don’t, there’s no need to worry. Here are some backup and disaster recovery solutions that you can get:

  • Acronis Backup Service – Backup for personal use and businesses. Backup for VMWare. Supports Windows, Android, and Mac OS.
  • Dell Backup and Disaster Recovery Suite – Fast Recovery, Optimized Storage use, flexible, scalable, versatile access.
  • StorageCraft – Backup services for applications and data, Safeguard Virtual Machines, Secure backups in the cloud.

If your business or organization is located in San Diego, contact us today to discuss our IT Disaster Recovery Solutions.

There are many such solutions available. Which one you should choose depends entirely on your requirements. So if you don’t already have a San Diego IT company setup  a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Plan in place, it’s high time you get to searching for one!