1) You need to install the same or newer version of Outlook on the new computer, you can transfer user data or settings but not the Email Program itself.

2) Back Up the Outlook Database on your current computer. If are going to look for a file named: PST, this file contains your POP3 email, calendar, and contacts.

If the pst files are in the default location (in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook), you can quickly access the default PST location from Windows Explorer by pasting this line in Windows Explorer’s address bar to jump to the folder.


Copy the Outlook Data Files (PST). Save it to an External Hard Drive or Flash Storage Drive. Note that Microsoft Outlook has to be closed in order for you to perform this operation.

3) Write Down your Outlook Email Settings or Server Connection Details like incoming mail server, outgoing, username, password, Port Numbers, whether security is needed, etc.

We need to Open Outlook and navigate to Account Settings, where a pup up will display our email address and all settings associated with it.

outlook2007account settings

Write Down all your Email Settings:

email_-_ms_outlook_2007_copy settings

Click on More Settings or Advanced and write down the information about the port numbers:

outlook port numbers

4) Copy Outlook PST file to the new Computer and place it somewhere safe.

5)  After the PST file is on the local drive, type Mail in the Search field on the Start menu or navigate to Control Panel and search for Mail, then click on Profile.

  1. Click the Show Profiles button.
  2. Click Add to create a new profile.
  3. Enter a descriptive name for your profile and all the rest of the information about your Email Client Settings you previously wrote drown including your username, email address, incoming and outgoing email, etc.
  4. Click on More Settings and then Advanced and enter the ports information exactly like it was in your previous email.
  5. Click Next until Setup is finished.

6)  Add your existing Outlook Data File .PST on the outlook application

Navigate to Control Panel again and search for Mail, open the Mail Application from there:

  1. Select the newly created profile then click Properties.
  2. Click Data files button to open the Account Settings dialog to the Data files tab.
  3. Click Add then browse to your existing PST file.
  4. If you are asked to select a PST format, choose Outlook Personal File. Click Ok
  5. Select your existing PST file.
  6. You can enter a friendly name or just click Ok to return to the Account Settings dialog.
  7. Click the Set as Default button.
  8. Select the PST Outlook created when it created the profile and click Remove. If you want, click Open folder to find and delete this PST.



You have successfully migrated the Outlook Email client to a new computer or newer version of Outlook.