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Wireless Coverage and Internet Speed

Very often we have seen cases in which poor wireless connectivity and slow internet speed could be easily fixed with the proper network equipment or the proper network setup.

There are different kind of Routers, Access Points and Repeaters and it’s important to understand when to use which one, they also can handle different bands where the information is transferred through and can work on different network technologies like A/B/G or AC which make a big difference on the wireless range and improving the speed of you office internet connection. Read More

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Virtual Private Networks: Connecting two or more Offices

Owls Computer Services is able to install a secure internet connection between multiples office and establish real time collaboration between workplaces by allowing employees to access remotely the same network devices: computers, printers, share drives, backup devices, and be able to use them as well as if they were on their office desk.

San Diego businesses that have more than one location and need to have employees share and access resources on two or more locations at any time will see that a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a must. Call today to see how we can improve you office environment by setting up the correct network.

Learn More about Linking your Office Computers together. Read More


 Home & Office Network Security Setup: Password Protection

network setup service san diegoWe strongly believe and recommend our customers to have a very strong password for their Routers Administration Page and Wireless Access Points, together with setting up different Virtual Lans and a Guess Access Network Setup; most home or businesses in San Diego will avoid intruders in their networks and considerably reduce potential hacker attacks.

We have encountered some businesses in San Diego which offices hold very sensitive information and have implemented as a security policy to reset all important passwords weekly and other monthly to ensure the passwords don’t end up in the wrong hands.


More on Network Security: Protection from Hackers and Intruders

Your network setup or support service will consider Security as essential and will make sure its the utmost possible.

Hackers and intruders from your local town as well as from foreign countries post a very real threat to all kind of organizations from small businesses to banks and big corporations.They might steal important data or information for espionage, for their personal use or for sale, or they could damage the data inside your local network and databases without any warnings.

Two main factors in maintaining your network secured are: Hardware and Software. Make sure your network equipment is up to date and meets some minimum requirements for security, starting with the Router, Access Point and Firewall when possible, trace all cables and or run new cables  to a central location where they can be easily managed. Hire an expert who can help configure your Router and Firewall to be secure and meet all your business network needs.

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network IT support service san diegoPrinter Network Setup: Share a Printer on your Office

Most offices with 2 or more computers have the need to share a printer between them, sending multiple print jobs or scan documents to/from the same printer from different computers is almost a given fact now days.

Almost any printer can be installed on a local computer or server, even older printers that don’t have wireless capabilities and be accessed from all other computers in the office without need for cables or any more software installation.

Owls Computers offers expert advise onsite as well as remotely for Businesses that need Printer Network Setup service in San Diego.




Business Network Setup Service San Diego

We can help you:

  • business network setup1-Share Your Internet Connection
  • 2-Password Protect and Password Reset your San Diego Home Network Router
  • 3-Find the best solution for your San Diego Home Networking needs
  • 4-Secure your San Diego Home Network from hackers
  • 5-Share a printer on your San Diego Home Network
  • 6-Add or Move a Computer to your San Diego Home Network
  • 7-Establish new Internet service for your San Diego Home Network
  • 8-Make your wireless network invisible to outsiders
  • 9-Eliminate dead spots in your San Diego wireless network
  • 10-Setup powerful encryption to secure your entire wireless network
  • 11-Share a printer across your wireless network
  • 12-Add or Move a computer on your wireless network
  • 13-Design a complete business or home San Diego wireless networking system

Owls Computer Services has many years of experience for any San Diego Home Networking and is always up to date with the latest Internet Services Network changes, we can help you configure properly your San Diego Home Network.

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