Linking Multiple OfficesAdvanced Drywall and Plaster is a medium size business in San Diego, with a main office located in Downtown San Diego (we are going to refer to this location as the Main Office), and 2 employees who needed to access resources from their homes (we are going to refer to this as Home Office 1 and Home Office 2) like checking company emails, accessing past bids, creating new bids, create and send invoices, record payments, accessing office Printers and other accounting work.

The problem resided in keeping all the information synced and up to date between all staff members. Knowing which emails had been responded and which ones still needed attentions, which jobs were pending to bid on and which ones a bid had been sent, printing documents for use at the main office and entering the accounting information at the Main Office only so that everyone had access to see the latest invoices and payments.

Advanced Drywall and Plaster desired that employees from the Main Office or Home Offices were able to share files and printers, access the accounting system –QuickBooks Pro 2014 – reflecting the latest invoices and payments, and access the company email and calendar. The goal was to stablish a real-time collaboration between all employees regardless of where they were working from.


Linking Multiple OfficesOwls Computer Services reviewed all possible scenarios in which different users would need to access a particular computer resource or file remotely, use of printers or any other remote device. We concluded that the best solution would be to set up a PPTP VPN -Point to Point Virtual Private Network- and a remote desktop where users could easily log into an existing or virtual computer in the Main Office.

A PPTP VPN – Point to Point Virtual Private Network- would allow remote users to connect to the Main Office and tunnel all internet traffic through the Main Office router, allowing remote users to access the computers and other devices remotely.

Once the users from Home Office 1 and Home Office 2 were connected to the Main office using the VPN they would be able to login in to an existing or virtual computer and access the files in that computer or see if someone is currently working on one of the files. They also would be able to send documents to print, check the company email and see which email still needed attention or which ones had been responded, create new bids, etc.

The users on remote locations were now able to open QuickBooks remotely and see up to date information on which invoices had been paid or which ones needed attention.

We used all the company existing internet connectivity, Router and Desktop Computers to configure and set up multiple offices to collaborate and share up to date information. We were able to made Advanced Drywall and Plaster Employees work more efficiently and collaborate in real-time. Call Today to find our how Owl Computer Services can help you linking multiple offices or improve your office networking.

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