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Setting Up Email for your business - Computer Support for Businesses in San Diego

Setting Up Email for your business


What to know before your setup your email for personal or business use?

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail vs. Hosted Email

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are the most used email services in the world. This is because they are incredibly efficient and involve simple steps to sign up. Hosted Email is an email switch server that is provided to a user by a host who is offsite. The host will open a portal that will be used for emails and will maintain it for a period of time. Both of these email services are efficient, but data security differs depending on whether the host is trustworthy or not.

POP VS. IMAP VS. Exchange

POP refers to Post Office Protocol.With this kind of email account, after the emails have been read, native copies are created in your computer and the original message is deleted from the main computer.

IMAP refers to Internet Message Access Protocol, and these email accounts are the sort that store messages in a server that is remote. The people accessing the emails can log in with the use of different computers from different locations and access the same messages. These messages can only be removed if the user manually deletes them from the server.

Microsoft Exchange is an email account that is similar to the Internet Message Access Protocol, but the exchange server is actually a Microsoft Exchange server. The biggest companies in the world use this.

All these three email accounts perform the same tasks, which is the sending and receiving of emails. The difference is that some delete the original ones once received and read.

Why use Office 365

Why should people migrate to Office 365? How to Setup Office 365 email for business use?

  • The staff periods that are required to provide support to the email systems are reduced and the resource obtainability is also increased.
  • Requirements for storage that supports the email systems in the premises are reduced.
  • The hardware requirements that are used for email support are reduced.
  • Availability levels for the application are increased with a 100% SLA.
  • The Office 365 accounts can be held legally.
  • The size of the mailbox can be increased to 50 gigabytes and there is no payment ecessaryfor added storage.
  • The popular web app OWA can be used on Office 365 on a broad array of browsers.
  • Mailboxes can be hosted natively where their solution for hosting is not accepted.
  • The number of servers can be reduced to a manageable amount.
  • Web conferencing is made possible.
  • It offers tools that allow employees to send direct messages to each other in the workplace.

What else you need to keep in mind when setting up your email? Email accessibility

Email accessibility is very important in a business. A business needs to have email accounts that are accessible from different locations. This is made possible through using popular emailing platforms such as Yahoo and Gmail. You can also choose a hosted email for your operations. The accessibility of your email account will depend on internet connections and the level of security. There needs to be enough data security in your emails and you also need to have the ability to send multiple emails to different people at the same time.